Saturday, June 9, 2012

Genesis Virgin Malaysian Curly U-Part Wig

The hair in it's natural state. Ends were very dry and texture is very coarse.

Pet peeve and major CON: all the grey hairs that were within the two bundles.

Hair blends very well with my African American natural hair

These are pictures of the Malaysian Curly Hair (16 & 18 inches) purchased from Genesis Virgin Hair Online Website. The hair was deep conditioned a few times, using the microwave method, and flat-ironed (not blow-dried). No tangles, and minimal shedding.

Wefts were not cut to create this u-part wig.

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  1. Nice images with hairstyle ....Mostly female applies color to their hairs and also looks good but you can also use hair extensions.There are different hairstyle like malaysian deep curly hair,brazilian hair extensions and many more.It looks much pretty.